Meet Miream

Miream Salameh

Meet the incredibly talented Melbourne artist, Miream Salameh. This vibrant young woman was recently asked to exhibit her work at the Victorian College of the Arts by the Marxism Conference Organisers.  A Syrian refugee who has been living in Australia for three years, Miream uses her art as a vehicle to convey the hardships faced by Syrians every day.

“These people have not had the chance to live their lives. Their lives are broken. Families are torn apart,” she says.

When Miream was 15, she was forced to join the Assad government alongside her classmates. When she refused, she was reported to the authorities. While men, women and children were captured, tortured and killed as the Syrian revolution unfolded, Miream worked in secret to record the crimes committed by her country’s government.

But her commitment to helping others didn’t stop there. After fleeing to Lebanon, she worked together with six other women to provide clothes and food to people living in refugee camps.

Miream’s love for painting and sculpture comes from Wael Kasstoun – a man she considers family; a man whose workshop she visited every day as a young woman. “We painted together from sunrise to sunset. I’ll never forget him.”

In 2012, Wael was tortured and killed by the Syrian army.

But his love for art lives on in Melbourne. Miream paints with acrylic on canvas. She uses an art knife to create bold textures. Her tones and shapes create contrast and depth, telling a thousand stories of untold lives.

“It is about living in fear, in uncertainty. My art is incomplete, like so many Syrian lives.” 





See more of Miream’s art in Melbourne from April 14. Details below.

Additional info at



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